Streets of Shooting

This is NOT the comp version. That is here.
At writing, it's only about five minutes work different, making it brighter.

Up/Down/Left/Right: Move
Left CTRL: Fire
P: Pause

Download (Windows)

Download (Source)

System Requirements: I've had trouble running it on low end machines (anything without a dedicated GPU) probably due to my overuse of lighting effects.
If you are running on a low end machine, try using the lowest graphics setting, but it may not look right.

You have to be facing enemies to shoot at them. But if you are, it auto-targets them in a fairly wide arc.

A newly discovered part of physics (discovered during development) means bullets travel pretty slowly (for bullets). You can probably dodge them.

The bad guys don't understand the meaning of "friendly fire". Line them up and they WILL shoot each other in the back.

No, you can't get in a car and run them down. The cars have no wheels. Or engines. Or doors.