Windows 11: An Outdated, Focused Rant

Preface: I originally intended to finish this, or at least go further than the taskbar. I also wrote it nearly a year ago, so things may have changed in the meantime. Though in my not-extremely-thorough testing, they haven’t.

Normally I’m an “as-early-as-I-can” adopter.
Now I hate that a downgrade requires a complete format.

Just a warning here: I am a bit salty about this whole thing.

At least I didn’t ruin my desktop with this, since my CPU isn’t on the list of supported processors. I’m not sure if that’s good luck or poor development, but it meant I couldn’t get the automatic update through Windows update.

Post #1

Howdy folks! I didn’t want my first post to be a big rant. So far the plan is that that’ll be next. Hopefully not too far into the future.

Realistically, far into the future.

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